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Patents filed in United States; Canada; Europe; and Asia;
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Gerald R. Prettyman, Patent Lawyer
About Gerald R. Prettyman

Gerald R. Prettyman is a Registered Patent Attorney and Attorney at Law. He has been protecting client ideas and assisting clients in turning ideas into income since 2001. Formerly a working engineer and business manager for many years, Gerald R. Prettyman is uniquely qualified to protect and assist his client in developing their ideas.

       Some of the ideas turned into patents by Mr. Prettyman include eight patents for solar power conversion, six patents for a Device To Assist Paraplegics With Getting Dressed, five patents for an off-road goggle cleaning system, four patents for bottles, two shoe patents, two patents for devices to assist people needing assistance, plus patents for an electronic device charging station, a wine barrel sculpture, a travel pillow, a sewer cleaning apparatus and more. Click above for lists of Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights prepared and filed by Gerald R. Prettyman.

     Gerald R. Prettyman is a national and international Patent and Trademark Lawyer. His clients are from around the San Francisco Bay Area, Napa Valley, Central Valley, Southern California, other states and other countries. 

     Gerald R Prettyman performs patent and trademark searches, freedom to operate reports, prepares confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and assists clients in starting companies, corporations and limited liability companies, and more. 

     See the pages above for patents, trademarks and copyright registrations secured by Gerald R Prettyman.      


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Gerald R. Prettyman, Patent Attorney

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