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If you wouldn’t know a patent if one bit you, you are not alone. Most of the public doesn’t know the difference, and there are lawyers who are uncertain of the differences. Today, though, you are lucky enough to have this article in front of you to learn the difference...

January 10, 2017

No, this article is not about the Post Office. Rather, this article is about inventors needing to file a patent application to protect an idea. 
The title refers to the notion that a person could prove inventorship and a date of invention by documenting the idea and s...

April 1, 2012

Copyright protects creative ideas that are perceivably recorded in specific formats. An idea is creative if it more than minimal (a title, a fact, and Bob Spongee are minimal), not functional (furniture, instructions, or a process) and not based on a known arrangement...

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Is that a Patent, a Trademark or a Copyright?

February 22, 2017

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