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Buyer Beware: Invention Promotion

Should you contact an Invention Promoter?

These firms prepare glossy brochures and say they will promote the invention. Unfortunately, the promotion can be just to mail brochures, but almost all get ignored. I worked at a toy company. We returned unsolicited idea or invention letters back saying we don't accept them.

They outsource patents and other work at many times the actual cost, and the work I've seen is of poor quality. More than 99% of the customers lose their money. People complained to Congress which now requires a disclosure of the number of people who made any profit and letting consumers complain to the Patent Office. The current complaint list includes: Davison Design, Invent Company, Invent Help, Harvey Reese Associates, World Patent Marketing, and yes, complaints include theft of an idea.

In my opinion, look for a company or person providing the service you need and vet them with the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and ask for contact information of other customers.

See below for complaints, problems and warnings to look for, and where you can look to decide whether to hire one of these companies.

If you've Got A Bright Idea, please visit

(Not an Invention Promotion company)

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