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CorkBoss, US10913644, prevent corkscrew injuries

Corkscrews have been around about as long as corks and bottles, as have sore wrists of people having to insert corkscrews into bottles. While electronic devices are available, they are large and heavy and so not conducive to table-side restaurant service, and particularly so as they are seemingly inherently defective. (I have 2 and both quickly failed.)

Fortunately, Sommelier Barbara Maroney developed a small and easy to use device and sought the assistance of Gerald R. Prettyman to secure a patent. The patented CorkBoss™ CorkScrew alleviates the injurious action of repetitive wrist turns required to drive the screw into a cork. Set the corkscrew into the cork, then raise the cleverly attached lever, and with a few turns of your arm, the corkscrew is deep into the cork and ready to remove. The CorkBoss™ CorkScrew will soon be available across the nation and worldwide. Retailers: please contact Franmara. Got A Bright Idea? Visit GotABrightIdea.com or call 925-600-7342.

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