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Layover Travel Pillow - U.S. Patent 8205283

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Falling asleep in an inconvenient place is difficult. A client of Gerald R. Prettyman invented this and hired him to secure a patent, which issued as U.S. Patent 8205283. With the Layover Travel Pillow, a person sits with the hands within the Layover Travel Pillow, elbows on a table or other resting area, and on placing the face within the Layover Travel Pillow – falls asleep. The Layover Travel Pillow keeps the hands, elbows and face in place, and thus sleep is achieved. If you’ve Got A Bright Idea, please visit GotABrightIdea.com or call 925-600-7342.

Layover Travel Pillow - U.S. Patent 8205283

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