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An Ingenious Bottle - U.S. Design Patent No. 736644

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Among other changes in the 21st century, has been the acceptable use of non-tobacco smoking products. Unfortunately, many non-tobacco smoking product devices are expensive, heavy, and are difficult to clean as well. Fortunately, KLEAR Solutions developed, and then contacted Gerald R. Prettyman to patent this inexpensive, lightweight, and exclusive (the benefit of being patented) bottle which may be acquired with cleaner, and thereafter used as a portable, and if needed, disposable smoking product device. As shown in the patent drawings, the bottle has a wide and stable base, with a tall neck, and a conveniently angled bowl port, which when perforated, converts the cleaning solution bottle into a bong. And if you like to cap your bong – the bottle has a threaded top and comes with a cap as well.

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An Ingenious Bottle - U.S. Design Patent No. 736644, Gerald R. Prettyman, Patent Attorney
An Ingenious Bottle - U.S. Design Patent No. 736644

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