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U.S. Patent 10457220 - With car break-ins thefts on the rise, why hasn't anyone done something?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Fortunately, someone has! The Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman secured U.S. Patent 10457220 for a Floorboard storage compartment. This innovative device may be placed on top of a floorboard basin of an automobile to conceal contents within an inner compartment composing a lower tray and an upper tray. As shown in the patent drawing, the floorboard storage compartment follows the contour of the floorboard, functions as floorboard mat or carpet, and provides a fast, easy and discreet way to conceal valuable items from snooping and thieving eyes. Got A Bright Idea for a Patent, Trademark or Copyright? Call 925-600-7342

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