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Protection for All Your Ideas Under the Sun®

* Protecting clients' intellectual property and other ideas, (e.g., patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets);
* Patent, trademark and business name searches;
* Preparing, filing and prosecuting patent, trademark and copyright applications;
* Drafting business contracts and partnership and incorporation documents;
* Advising businesses on use of the Internet and social networking for advertising and sales; and
* Helping entrepreneurs prepare their start-up and themselves for funding pitches.

* Licensing of patents, trademarks, copyrights, software, EULAs

* Contractor Agreements, Software Development Agreement, Lease Agreements, EULAs 

 ******* Initial Consultation Topics  *******
* Advice on how utility and design patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and contracts protect your idea, and on patentability of your idea;
* The distinctions of provisional and non-provisional patent applications.
* The appropriate use of a provisional patent application and patent searches.
* How to find and use the WOW of an idea that will sell the product or service.
* How to inexpensively create a functional prototype.
* How to work with consumers to optimize the product for market acceptance and pricing.
* How to inexpensively start a business while protecting your assets, and when to incorporate.
* How licensing and franchising work, if you are interested.
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Legal services are flat fee or hourly, as negotiated with the client.

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