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Seven Reasons to File a Patent Application

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

1. U.S. and international law require you file a patent application before disclosing the invention to the public or selling or offering to sell the invention. If you disclose the invention to the public or sell or offer to sell the invention you forfeit all patent rights.

2. A patent makes you a stronger competitor. A patent is the only monopoly that you can publicize, gives you ownership of the field, does not require complex and potentially illegal contracts, is not subject to anti-trust laws, and the U.S. government will enforce for you.

3. Filing a patent application shows potential investors you are serious about protecting their investment. Wouldn’t you rather invest in an innovative business with no competition?

4. A patent or application shows the public your invention has innovative qualities. “Patent Pending” may be used only if you have a patent application on file.

5. A patent application easily and cost-effectively proves you as the inventor, the scope of invention, and what you invented.

6. An earlier filed patent application sets a base for protecting later developments in your invention. Most all inventions get revisions. The tests for a patent are complex. Without a patent application on file, your earlier versions may block you a patent on your later inventions.

7). You can spend less than $700 to file a provisional patent application.

Patent Cover, Seven Reasons to File a Patent Application
Patent Cover, Seven Reasons to File a Patent Application

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