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U.S. Patents US 8933323and US 9054252 – A Bright Idea

Whether you enjoy the outdoors or live off the grid, here’s a Bright Idea for enjoying cooked food, make freshwater (with a collector), and if used with a heat block – warmth after sunset. Invented by California Sunlight and patented with two patents by the Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman, this Two-Axis Solar Oven and Stove provides two methods to optimize capturing solar rays, and easy adjustment to track the sun for optimum heating, and it’s portable! As shown in the patent drawing, sunlight strikes the focus lens (Fresnel or Parabolic), enters California Sunlight’s reflective collector technology which further concentrates sunlight to produce enough heat to cook food, boil water, heat anything placed in the chamber. Got A Bright Idea for a Patent, Trademark, or Copyright? Call 925-600-7342.


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