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US10928494 A New Ultrasound Device Improves Patient Comfort

Now a Patent Attorney, Gerald Prettyman served in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman and Medical Laboratory Technician. He saw first-hand the discomfort and pain some patients experience as medical staff try to draw blood from vessels below the skin or to secure a tissue sample for a biopsy. Gerald Prettyman was therefore happy to work with Interson Corp. in securing US Patent 10928494 for an Ultrasound Plural Display Apparatus with Light Indicator for Positional Access. This innovative and patented ultrasound device uses a single array of ultrasound emitters, which positioned in a T-Shape, improves visualization processing over double array systems. This better aids medical staff to see a needle's approach to a blood vessel or tissue, and to then position the needle into the blood vessel or tissue. The technique thereby avoids the pain of multiple punctures or needle re-positioning. Got a Bright Idea? Visit

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