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“I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!” US Patent 7047648, Spoon with Extendable Straw

History records ice cream as invented by or for a royalty figure about 1400 years ago. The phrase has a recorded history only to 1927. Yet, the desire and cries for ice cream from children and adults alike highly suggest the phrase originated long before the recording. Fulfilling these screams with smooth ice cream can be difficult when mobility difficulties allow the ice cream to melt before being consumed. Fortunately, one such family invented a Spoon with Extendable Straw for which Gerald R. Prettyman co-secured US Patent 7047648. With this invention, a person can use the spoon to eat the ice cream, and when needed, extend the straw to draw in the melted ice cream.

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