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US Patent 10661343 Smart Additive Manufacturing Device

Typical manufacturing techniques shape stock material by cutting or by injecting liquid or semi-liquid stock material into molds. Cutting techniques waste stock material and require much time and resources of personnel and equipment to assemble the final product. Injection methods require expensive molds and waste expensive energy. Both techniques are also dangerous to workers and require extensive training and safety protection.

Additive manufacturing sprays and fuses together stock material using computer-controlled powdered material with heat or a fusing material, thereby reducing energy use. Most additive techniques, however, are unable to use more than one material or waste most of the stock material.

Recently, Additec Additive Technologies developed a non-wasteful additive technique capable of simultaneous multiple material delivery. They then contacted the Law Office of Gerald R. Prettyman to secure a patent. Working with Additec managers and engineers, Gerald R. Prettyman drafted a utility patent application, and just two years after filing - secured US Patent 10661343 for a Smart Additive Manufacturing Device. Got A Bright Idea? Call 925-600-7342 or visit


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